Plainfield American Legion Marne Post 13


Purpose:  The Plainfield American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary of Marne Post 13 in order to assist deserving Plainfield graduates pursue their education after high school, will award $500.00 scholarships upon graduation at the end of each school year.  The $500.00 will be applied to the cost associated with continuing their education.   

  1. The student must be involved in the community.
  2. The student must demonstrate patriotism.
  3. Grades are to be considered, recommend a B or above, upper 1/3 of class.
  4. School choice:  Must be accepted at a school that includes, a Junior college, trade school, tech school or a 4 year college.
  5. Student must be involved in an extra-curricular activities, community work and display good citizenship.  Endorsements from civic leaders, coaches, teachers or organizations may be included in the submittal.  Examples are, Lions Club, VFW, American Legion, Kiwanis Club or school organization.  Please submit in resume form.
  1. Students should provide a short essay, 300 words or less, stating how the scholarship will assist them in achieving their planned career/lifestyle and how they believe this will benefit their future community.  The grading of the essay will be based on grammar, spelling, originality, and context and should be at a level consistent with exceptional high school work.
  2. Extra credit:  Have attended Boys/Girls State or the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement program and//or participated in the American Legion Oratorical or Essay Contests.

Marne Post 13 scholarship committee will review and decide scholarship recipients

Eligibility:  A student in good standing living in the confines of District 202, a senior in the graduating class; scholastic and community attributes mentioned above.

Applying for the Marne Post 13 Scholarship Award:  Submit Application form along with required essay and resume plus any other documentation (example: certificates of achievement, articles of recognition) to their respective counselors not later than the end of the school day on Tuesday, April 2nd.  A member of the Scholarship Committee at Marne Post 13 will retrieve the submittals from the High School College/Career Offices for judging.  The individual schools will be notified as to the winners of the scholarship no later than April 20th.   

Presentation of these Scholarship Awards will take place on the evening of the respective High School’s Awards Night.