Plainfield American Legion Marne Post 13

Post History


On June 30, 1919 The American Legion, Marne Post 13 was charted in the state of Illinois.  Local World War I Veterans and survivors of the second battle of Marne chose to organize an American Legion Post. There was already an established American Legion in France and in the summer of 1919 approval was granted for the launch of the American Legion in the U.S.

The tract of land that Marne Post sits on today was acquired by a quit-claim deed for ten dollars from the Township of Plainfield made on October 15, 1947 with the purpose to "develop a park to serve the people of Plainfield Township as a place of recreation and as a site for the permanent home of Marne Post No. 13, American Legion, a Corporation" as recorded by Mary Ann Stukel - Will County Recorder.

The Marne Post 13 Family and its more than 400 members proudly continue to serve the community, state, and nation by carrying out the four pillars of our organizational mission:  Support for veterans through activities such as charitable donations, visitation to the home bound, initiating and promoting legislation in Congress, and ensuring awareness of available VA benefits.  Support for children and youth through scholarships, educational outreach to District 202, and membership benefits in the Sons of the American Legion and Legion Auxiliary. Promoting Americanism through essay and oratorical contests on topics such as the Constitution and the history of the United States and promoting a strong national defense by serving as a source of support and information for young people thinking of joining the armed forces.

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Marne Post 13 Auxiliary

The American Legion Auxiliary to the post was organized in March 1924 with 32 members and chartered May 21, 1924.  Today Post 13 Auxiliary has nearly 70 members and is vital to the success of the American Legion Family in Plainfield.

Sons of the American Legion

A Sons of the Legion for American Legion Marne Post 13 was formed on Nov. 20, 2014, and has grown to over 40 members today.  Their eagerness to help Marne Post 13 and the Plainfield community has been a major contributor to the success or our Post.

American Legion Riders

Legion Riders are new to the Plainfield Legion Family.  Founded on Aug. 10, 2017, they ride to raise money for such organizations as local VA Hospitals, Battered Women and Children's Centers, Varied Children and Youth Programs, a School for Blind Children, Veterans Relief, Needy Families and many, many others.

Patriotic Days

MEMORIAL DAY has always been an outstanding occasion in this community. In addition to memorial events throughout the Plainfield community, the  goal of every Veteran to it's last man is to keep MEMORIAL DAY sacred to the memory of our war dead of all of the wars of the country; and all graves are decorated on this National Holiday.

ARMISTICE DAY, now called VETERANS' DAY, originally marked the end of fighting in World War I. It is an important holiday on the calendar of Legionnaires everywhere and in the hearts of all Veterans. It has been in November. Annually the Post sponsored the Armistice Day Parade. An important tradition was established when the Post led in the memorial exercises at 11 o'clock on the morning of November 11, marking the exact hour of the cessation of hostility on the war fronts.

Registration Of Graves

Since it's inception American Legion Post 13 has been a leader in this community in the area of graves registration; which has been incorporated by all the American Legion Posts in Will County. Grave Registration enables all interested parties to locate the site of the grave of each Veteran. American Legion Post 13 acquired a burial lot in Plainfield Cemetery and this has been marked by the erection of a massive monument marking it as the burial lot for servicemen without kin. Each year, active members place a flag on each Veteran's grave.

Scholarships and Community Projects

American Legion Post 13 sponsors various scholarships for the further education of our children. We also sponsor and financially assist many worthy community projects and programs initiated by the National American Legion.

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