Plainfield American Legion Marne Post 13




(Sponsored By Plainfield American Legion Riders)



$100 .00 Buy in 61k Chips

No rebuys

1 add on $50.00 at Break for 50k in chips

To Sign up  go to plainfieldlegion.com website and click on the texas hold'em Registration link prior to 10am Day of game. On time meaning before the start of the tournament! 
extra bonus chip if pre- registered before 10am Jan 27th  and present by 11am day of Game **

This bounty chip is carried by the player throughout the tournament. If the player pockets the chip he may be eliminated, the bounty chip is given to the player who eliminated them. The bounty chips are cashed in, for $10.00 

What is high hand in Texas Hold em?

High hand – When no player at the table has a made hand (pair or better), then the pot is awarded to the player who holds the best “high hand” at the end of the Tournament.