Plainfield American Legion Marne Post 13

Queen of Hearts Public Notice:

**Taxes and Rules apply** 



Basic Game Play

“Queen of Hearts” is a game of chance where a successful player wins a portion of the money held in a Jackpot and, at the same time, a portion of the Jackpot is donated to the Plainfield American Legion, a not-for-profit organization devoted to service to our communities, our youth, upholding the Constitution, preserving the memory of those who have served in our nation's past wars, and fostering Americanism, as well as many other patriotic values and ideals

The game begins with a player buying one or more tickets for $1.00 each.  The tickets sold during any given week will all be placed in the ticket return bin.  Each week, at the time and place shown on the schedule, one ticket will be drawn from the roller.  The ticket is validated for authenticity.  The matching ticket must be presented by the winner to redeem prize. On the spot, the owner of the chosen ticket will have the opportunity to try to draw the Queen of Hearts from a deck of playing cards.  If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the Jackpot will be paid out as described in the Rules.  If not, the game continues until the Queen of Hearts is drawn. 

In addition, there are smaller prizes if the player does not draw the Queen of Hearts but draws the queen of diamonds, clubs, or spades or one of the two jokers.  In that case, a smaller amount is paid to the successful player, and the game continues to the next week.
A game board, containing 54 cards (deck of poker cards including 2 Jokers, sealed and numbered) purchased from a certified gaming vendor, will be on display in a secure case with the Queen of Hearts as the “Jackpot Card”. A Tumbler or similar device will be used for mixing raffle tickets. Winning tickets will be tumbled and selected in Public View.  Tickets not pulled for a chance to win are disposed of after each drawing, tickets do not remain in the tumbler from week to week.

Open to the public. To be eligible to play, you must be 21 years or older with valid state ID. You must have ID with you to win any prizes.

At all times, the game board can be located behind the bar, locked and hung on the wall.  On the night of drawing, the Queen of Hearts game board will be displayed in the Post 13 Large Hall.

Drawing Dates
Drawings will be held every Friday, at 8:00pm or immediately after earlier scheduled events. Cut-off time to purchase tickets is 7:50pm. (10 min before drawing)
* Drawings will not be held on holidays that fall on Friday. 

Ticket Sales
Tickets will be $1.00 each, 6 tickets for $5.00 with no limit on the number of tickets purchased. Tickets may be purchased immediately after each weekly drawing.
All tickets sold for the week are tracked, recorded, and verified before each drawing.  

Playing Cards
Each game will begin with a full deck of cards, including two jokers.  Cards will be blindly and randomly stuffed into envelopes marked 1 through 54.

How to Fill Out Ticket
All tickets sold are double stub tickets. Each player must write his or her phone number and his or her first and last names as they appear on the player’s government issued ID on the back of the ticket. Only one name per ticket. (Nicknames, abbreviations, or numbers are not acceptable forms of a name on the ticket and will nullify the ticket if pulled).  The second stub must be retained and presented to claim any prize.

Players may write a card number on the back of his or her ticket. If the player is not present and his or her ticket is chosen, the card having the number written on the ticket will be drawn for the player.
If there is no number written on the ticket or if the card listed is not available, or the ticket is not filled out correctly, the raffle ticket will be discarded and a new ticket will be drawn.

** No Labels or bending/altering of raffle ticket allowed – WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISCARDED

The back of the ticket should look like the following:
             Full name: John Williams (To match valid State ID)
              Telephone Number: 815-222-9999
              Envelope Number: 34

The player will then place his or her ticket in the raffle ticket tumbler/drum.
If purchasing tickets at the bar, return them to the bartender or officials running the Queen of Hearts for that drawing, to be placed in the raffle tumbler.

*Raffle winners will be contacted immediately (using provided phone number on back of ticket) after the drawing. You will have 4 weeks to pick up prize money, otherwise prize winnings are donated to the Plainfield American Legion.

Queen of Hearts Jackpot
The Jackpot will continue to accumulate weekly until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is drawn. The Jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated weekly and prominently displayed on the outdoor sign and in the Legion bar area.

Queen of Hearts winner will receive seventy percent (70%) of the advertised jackpot.
* 15% of total amount won is deducted for the House
** 15% goes for to start the next Queen of hearts drawing

Example: Breakdown of $50,000 Jackpot
                        Winner - $35,000 (taxable)
                        House - $7,500
                        Start of next drawing - $7,500

Additional Payout Information
If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, additional prizes will be as follows:

• $200 – Any Jack, Queen (other than Queen of Hearts), Kings & Aces 
• $50 – 2-10 (any suit)
• $500 – Joker 1  • $500 – Joker 2 **

#9 of Hearts Bonus Card $1000

 Last Joker drawn will restart the game board and start with a new deck the following week. Advertised jackpot rolls over.

After Drawing
Once a card is selected, it will be removed from play and shown face up on the board. Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be destroyed.

Tax Information
All winning players are responsible for all taxes that relate to his or her winnings. 
Winners will be provided proper tax forms.